Foot Abduction Brace/Denis Browne Bar
Crawling with the DBB on
Bottom of brace
Standing in the DBB
Front of DBB
Kelly in her DBB-5months old
Side view of DBB
Plastizode insert in heel
This is a brace for unilateral (one leg) clubfoot.  The brace was obtained from the University of Iowa hospital.  This version of Markell shoe is now obsolete.  The shoe is set at a 70 degree rotation on the clubfoot and 40 on the normal foot.  A brace for bilateral clubfoot would have both shoes externally rotated to 70 degrees.  Kelly learned to crawl and pull to a stand while wearing the brace.
Crawling with the DBB
Different views of the brace
Learning to adjust to the DBB at 5 months old
Standing in the DBB
Plastizode heel insert to keep heel from lifting